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Green Spaces Alliance is continuing to sustain the natural environment and enhance urban spaces through a variety of professional services including ecological restoration.  With projected growth of 1.1 million people to Bexar County by 2040, mitigation banking, a policy mechanism where combined water resource management and planning efforts can have a huge impact on the health of the Upper San Antonio and surrounding watersheds. 

Green Spaces Alliance is poised to engage in partnership efforts that integrate mitigation banking that includes ecological and hydrological restoration as part of a broader water resource management and planning strategy. Mitigation banking when executed and managed properly can provide long-term benefits to society by offsetting certain types of development.  Some of the potential benefits include improved water quality, hydrologic function and wildlife habitat.

As defined by the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), A mitigation bank is a wetland, stream, or other aquatic resource area that has been restored, established, enhanced, or (in certain circumstances) preserved for the purpose of providing compensation for unavoidable impacts to aquatic resources permitted under Section 404 or a similar state or local wetland regulation (see EPA Compensatory Mitigation Fact Sheet. 

From the USEPA’s website, a mitigation bank may be created when a government agency, corporation, nonprofit organization, or other entity undertakes these activities under a formal agreement with a regulatory agency. Mitigation banks have four distinct components:

  • The bank site: the physical acreage restored, established, enhanced, or preserved;
  • The bank instrument: the formal agreement between the bank owners and regulators establishing liability, performance standards, management and monitoring requirements, and the terms of bank credit approval;
  • The Interagency Review Team (IRT): the interagency team that provides regulatory review, approval, and oversight of the bank; and
  • The service area: the geographic area in which permitted impacts can be compensated for at a given bank.
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