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Urban Land & Water

Urban Land & Water is a program that aims to reconnect urban communities with their natural environment including land and waterways.  The program seeks to facilitate more efficient and effective use of our natural resources while promoting locally-led community revitalization efforts that focus on economic, social and environmental benefits.  The program is true to Green Spaces Alliance’s Mission with a goal to sustain the natural environment and enhance urban spaces. 

There are many interconnected elements of this program.  Those elements include Urban Land Resources (i.e. urban land conservation, redevelopment of vacant lots, native and sustainable landscapes and urban agriculture) and Water Resources (i.e. water conservation, low impact development and green infrastructure, mitigation banking and the Urban Waters Federal Partnership). 

The program can be broken in down into the following parts:

  • Urban Land Resources
  • Urban Land Conservation & Redevelopment
  • Native Landscapes
  • Urban Agriculture
  •  Water Resources
  • Water Conservation
  • Low Impact Development & Green Infrastructure
  • Mitigation Banking
  • Urban Waters Federal Partnership
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Green Spaces Alliance
Green Spaces Alliance Mission:  To sustain the natural environment and enhance urban spaces through land conservation, community engagement and education.

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