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Picture Your World Youth Photography Program

Since 2002, Green Spaces Alliance has connected children to nature through the camera lens with the Picture Your World Youth Photography Program.   Picture Your World provides a unique opportunity for youth and their families to share the experience of nature up close and personal.  The program brings families and under-served schools to both new and familiar natural areas, forming partnerships with other conservation entities.  As a strategic outdoor education program, Picture Your World actively connects children with their natural environment, teaches them about the nature around them, while endowing them with the tools, photography instruction and art concepts necessary to engage their imagination and express themselves creatively.

"The workshop taught me many things about photography and how it’s important to be outdoors because you discover new and interesting things."       -  Alex L. 5th grader

The Program is designed for youth ages 8-18 and has three main components:  Sunday afternoon, Weekend Workshops, Title 1 Elementary Program and a spring city-wide Nature Photography Competition.  Programming for the workshops and competition follow the September through May school calendar to better represent the needs of our youth audience.

"When the kids are out on the trails or in the meadow or even just around the Visitor Center looking for subjects, angles and objects they are ENGAGED. Curious, excited, attentive…they are actually hunting for stuff EVERYwhere they go. They’re looking around and discovering. THEY drive the adventure. As I see it, PYW is a natural wellspring for young people’s energy and curiosity, and let’s face it…it’s pretty fun too!"  - John H. Koepke Peace Officer/Interpreter/Volunteers, Government Canyon State Natural Area

Studies show that children who spend time in nature are happier, healthier and smarter.  Picture Your World addresses the intellectual, creative and emotional needs of a diverse youth population by restoring their relationship with Texas’s rich natural environment.

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